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Shop Floor Data Collection

The Data Collection Application allows employees to enter their own time and attendance directly into strategically placed computers. The basic idea behind the application is giving users the ability to "clock" in and out of attendance and jobs. This can eliminate the manual entry of time cards into the Shop Floor Control application. The application was designed to allow data input through a variety of input devices: any combination of keyboards, mice, barcode wands or touch screens. Shop Mate contains reports that print barcodes, which facilitate the entry of data via barcode wands.

Key Features:

  • Data input via touch screen, barcode reader, keyboard or mouse.
  • Use in ‘batch’ or ‘on line’ mode. ‘Batch’ mode allows administrators to edit the data prior to updating system files while ‘on line’ mode updates system files immediately.
  • Real time job tracking in ‘on line’ mode.
  • Ability to enter attendance as well as labor data.
  • Eliminates hand written shop cards.

Major components of application:

Administrative Login

The Administrative Login allows access to all components of the application, including the ability to modify, delete and post data collection transactions. Using this login you can access several maintenance windows including employee, job, workcenter and more.

Shop Login

The Shop Login ONLY allows users to "clock" in and out of jobs and/or attendance. There are no menus available when logged in as shop and the Task Bar, the bar at the bottom of the screen that contains the start button, is disabled. The only window available to the users is the data collection window. Closing the data collection window while logged in as shop requires a password, so there is no need to worry that shop floor personnel will have access to other programs on the computer.

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