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job shop software - Shop Mate™,  gives you the productivity tools to manage all aspects of your day-to-day operation and it is customized especially for the small to medium sized contract manufacturer.  This powerful, but easy to use application gives you the ability to quickly retrieve important data necessary in making profitable decisions. Operate and control your bottom line in the dynamic manufacturing environment with the most cost-effective erp solutions on the market today. But it is only for serious companies looking to cut management costs and increase profitability.

As a Windows based client/server application, we can customize a package for you that  utilizes the ease of “point and click” functionality common to all Windows programs. All modules utilize the same navigational techniques, so the learning curve is greatly reduced.

Key Features:

  • Multi-view ‘Lookup’ windows allow you to specify search criteria in ALL fields.
  • Preview Reports before sending  them to a printer.
  • Export data to third party applications in a number of pre-defined formats, including Microsoft Excel and Text formats.
  • Easily create custom reports and distribute them to other users.
  • Online documentation.
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited External Document files


     Notes are an ideal way to store detailed information about a part, customer, vendor, etc. You can attach notes about telephone conversations to a customer contact record or keep detailed history on routing operations. An unlimited number of notes may be attached to any single record and the size of the note can be of virtually unlimited length.
     The application saves the login name of the user who created the note as well as the date the note was created and illuminates the "NOTES" button to signal  a record has notes attached to it. Users can modify existing notes or add new notes to the same record. Notes are considered internal and therefore never print on documents sent to a customer or vendor.


     An unlimited number of external documents (files) can be attached to a record, for example, a CAD drawing to a part number in Inventory, or a MS Word contract to a customer record. There is no limit to the number or type of documents that can be attached to a record. Once a document has been attached, the "DOCS" button on that record will be illuminated to indicate a record has a document attached to it.  To ensure you always see the most recent version, a reference to the document is stored rather than a copy of the document. To open an attached document you simply click the illuminated DOCS button and then click OPEN. 

Shop Mate™ provides productivity solutions customized for your manufacturing operation. Shouldn't it  be your next purchase? Download a trial version today.

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