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Graphical Reporting Tool

The Shop Mate application comes with a state of the art, graphical report writing tool. InfoMaker allows you to easily create reports and graphs from the Shop Mate™ database and distribute them as stand-alone programs to other users in your company.

The graphical nature of InfoMaker means that you never have to manually code a report. You choose the data you want using a point and click interface in the database painter. After selecting the data, you can position the data on the canvas in the report painter. Objects can be easily moved around on the canvas by dragging them with the mouse. Use the preview facility to see what the finished report will look like. You can even print the report from the preview mode.

Key Features:

  • Graphical environment to simplify the creation of reports.
  • Several predefined report templates:
    • Tabular
    • Free Form
    • Grid
    • Composite
    • Labels
    • Group Repors
    • Graphs
    • Rich Text
    • CrossTab
  • Imbed graphs into reports.
  • Import graphics such as company logos to print on reports.
  • Dozens of built-in functions to easily create complex calculations.
  • Direct access to the database for data manipulation.

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