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Sales Order Application

The Sales Order Application is where you enter and track the orders received from customers. If an order is the result of a quote, the quote data flows directly into the order. Each sales order can have an unlimited number of line items and each line item can have an unlimited number of scheduled ship dates (blanket orders). The application contains several reports, including a change order report that lists any additions, modifications or deletions made to sales orders within a user defined date range. This report can then be used to adjust production. The application also contains a Create Shipping Ticket program, which allows you to easily create packing slips for shipments to be made. The point and click interface can save hours of typing time by automatically creating shipping tickets for the scheduled shipments you select. These shipping tickets can then be turned directly into packing slips.

Key Features:

  • Ability to flag which orders should have acknowledgements printed.
  • Unlimited line items per sales order.
  • Ability to specify your part number as well as the customer’s part number.
  • Direct flow of quote data into the order line item.
  • Ability to add any number of “additional charges” per line item.
  • Unlimited scheduled ship dates per line item.
  • Ability to instantly view all production information related to a given sales order.
  • Program automatically tracks changes to any key part of the order including;
    • Addition, modification or deletion of scheduled ship dates.
    • Any change to the order quantity of a line item.
    • Any change to the unit price of a line item.

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